FUE method

The number of hair transplants performed with the FUE method has increased year after year, both here at the New Hair Clinic and "world-wide". The method gives significantly less discomfort than the strip method, the risk of complications is minimal, and expected results are in experienced hands at least as good as with the "strip".

FUE stands for Follicular Unit Extraction. It could be freely translated "collection of natural hair follower groups". The FUE method was developed by an Australian sibling couple in the late 1990s, and was taken up in the United States around 2000. New Hair Clinic has performed FUE since 2004. Then the capacity was rarely more than 600 grafts in one day, and the instruments were coarser. Nowadays our daily capacity is over 3000 FUE, and our instruments are optimized to enable us to perform the FUE safely and efficiently. Even in international comparison, 3000 FUE is a lot. We can use two teams, each with two FUE technicians. They can work on one and the same patient at the same time and dissolve each other. In this way, the concentration can be maintained and the treatment times are kept at a reasonable level.

Thomas Järvheden hair transplantation

Thomas Järvheden

Thomas Järvheden got more hair through a hair transplantation at New Hair Clinic.

The benefits of hair transplant at New Hair Clinic

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Exclusive FUE method

For the past 3-4 years, we have almost exclusively used this method. In almost all patient consultations, we have found that FUE is a better or at least completely equivalent alternative to FUT. Our patients experience FUE as completely odramatic, no wounds that can hurt or tighten, no sutures to take, no scars to worry about. And the cost is now down to the same level as for FUT, taking into account the general cost trend.

When we perform FUE, that is, harvesting the hair follicles that we are going to redistribute, you are comfortable and probably sleeping. The surfaces have been carefully depleted. That moment, you have no remembrance, when you received tranquilizers just before. In anticipation of implantation, the hair transplant is stored in a special salt and nutritional solution. The next step is to prepare the area where the graft is to be put. We call it "jacking". The instrument we use makes channels with a firmly defined direction and angle relative to the skin surface. The tightness requirement is different in different situations. The surfaces are local anesthetized.

Patrik Isaksson hair transplantation

Patrik Isaksson

Patrik Isaksson got more hair through a hair transplantation at New Hair Clinic.

Angle and direction

The last moment means that a graft = a natural hair follower group is trapped in each stalk channel. The local anesthesia is in, and you can sleep through this moment if you want to. The hair will grow at the angle and direction indicated at the "jacket". At a 2000 transplant FUE, the watch probably has become four when the last hair follower group is in place.

All surfaces will then be thoroughly cleaned, ensuring that all grafts are in place before the surfaces are protected with ointment compressors, regular compressors and a robust bandage. You probably feel a bit "wearing" the rest of the day because of the medicines you have received. You have your own room at the clinic. The next day after breakfast, we remove all dressings so we can see that all surfaces are OK. Then you get information, and then ready for home travel. Many express astonishment that everything has gone so smoothly and painlessly.

Long journey?

If you have a long time to travel to New Hair Clinic in Lund, you are welcome the night before your hair transplant. You get your own room where you sleep throughout your stay with us. We also have double rooms if you wish to bring your company. We will call or email you two weeks after your hair transplant, to see that everything went well the first time your transplanted areas heal. You are of course welcome to contact us when you want your hair transplant, we are always on the phone and email. One year after your hair transplant, we will contact you again to hear how you perceive the end result.

We guarantee

We guarantee that hair transplant is always under the direct direction of Swedish certified doctors, and in a fully professional manner. This means, among other things, that we are up to date with regard to latest research and technology, and that we use the absolute best tools on the market, and that our staff are trained and have sufficient experience.

Price for a hair transplant

Price for hair transplant is primarily controlled by the number of graft that is used. New Hair Clinic is Sweden's largest specialized hair clinic and has been around since 1992. We have 25 years of experience and keep us updated, including through membership of ISHRS. A complete hair transplant with us starts at approx. 25,000 kr including VAT with free accommodation at our clinic. For longer long-term guests, the stay usually includes two nights. We have a collaboration with Medical Finance, thus offering you as a patient with us at the New Hair Clinic the opportunity to fund your hair transplant.

Why our clients return to us

  • “I am very happy with my two hair transplants. So happy that I no longer experience hair loss as a problem for me. The density both feels and looks good. Not one, not even the hairdresser, can see that I´ve done something with my hair. It´s the best grade I can give!”
    — Philip, FUE-method
  • “Hi!
    Today, a year ago I was lying on the table.
    Just want to say hi and I want to say that I´m very happy.
    Have it nice! Lovely holiday!”
    — Mattias, FUE-method
  • “I´m incredibly happy and it is growing so fast. I am aware that it takes time, but it is quicker than I imagined. I have recommended your clinic to many friends. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!”
    — Elias, FUE-method
  • “Really nice received and implementation. The entire staff was professional and pleasant! Now it is just to let the nature do the rest. Would highly recommend New Hair Clinic.”
    — Thomas, FUE-method
  • “Well received. The staff is professional, thorough and wonderful... I felt well treated at the clinic. No I wait excited to see the outcome so in a few months, I see, but already I feel sure this will be great. Again, thank you so much :)”
    — Jimmy, FUE-method
  • “When I exercise constantly and keeps a good physical shape, my hair gives me an entirety that I lacked when I often shaved the head before. New Hair Clinic has certainly made me a more positive father, husband, friend and colleague.”
    — Martin, FUE-method
  • “I must say it was a real success, it became an incredible difference and I am extremely satisfied, I thing every single transplanted hair must have grown for it is both dense and the hairline is nice and natural :).”
    — Johan, FUE-method
  • “Thank you for helping me get my hairline back. I want to thank you for an excellent job. Now I can finally walk past a mirror without wanting to go and hide.”
    — Lasse, FUE-method
  • Big difference already! Thank you, there are many I have showed this for and who will do it at your clinic.”
    — Christopher, FUE-method
  • “It was a really pleasant and positive experience at NHC.”
    — Amir, FUE-method