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Why our clients return to us

  • “I am very happy with my two hair transplants. So happy that I no longer experience hair loss as a problem for me. The density both feels and looks good. Not one, not even the hairdresser, can see that I´ve done something with my hair. It´s the best grade I can give!”
    — Philip, FUE-method
  • “Hi!
    Today, a year ago I was lying on the table.
    Just want to say hi and I want to say that I´m very happy.
    Have it nice! Lovely holiday!”
    — Mattias, FUE-method
  • “I´m incredibly happy and it is growing so fast. I am aware that it takes time, but it is quicker than I imagined. I have recommended your clinic to many friends. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!”
    — Elias, FUE-method
  • “Really nice received and implementation. The entire staff was professional and pleasant! Now it is just to let the nature do the rest. Would highly recommend New Hair Clinic.”
    — Thomas, FUE-method
  • “Well received. The staff is professional, thorough and wonderful... I felt well treated at the clinic. No I wait excited to see the outcome so in a few months, I see, but already I feel sure this will be great. Again, thank you so much :)”
    — Jimmy, FUE-method
  • “When I exercise constantly and keeps a good physical shape, my hair gives me an entirety that I lacked when I often shaved the head before. New Hair Clinic has certainly made me a more positive father, husband, friend and colleague.”
    — Martin, FUE-method
  • “I must say it was a real success, it became an incredible difference and I am extremely satisfied, I thing every single transplanted hair must have grown for it is both dense and the hairline is nice and natural :).”
    — Johan, FUE-method
  • “Thank you for helping me get my hairline back. I want to thank you for an excellent job. Now I can finally walk past a mirror without wanting to go and hide.”
    — Lasse, FUE-method
  • Big difference already! Thank you, there are many I have showed this for and who will do it at your clinic.”
    — Christopher, FUE-method
  • “It was a really pleasant and positive experience at NHC.”
    — Amir, FUE-method