Beard and mustache transplant

Facial hair requires taking into consideration other things than when working on the head.

There are some differences between hair follicles that grow under the chin, around the mouth and on the cheeks, and those that grow higher on the head. Bearded hair is usually stiffer, thicker and rarely nail-cracked, especially if allowed to grow in length. The pigmentation may be different. And often the hair follicles are "singles", while the hair on the head is known to grow in natural groups about maybe 2 or 3 hair follicles.

If you ask for transplantation to areas with facial hair, it is usually for one of the following reasons:

  • It has an asymmetry, for example, one cheek lack hair growth over a smaller area, completely or partially.
  • You may be looking to generally seal your beard over larger areas, because you are not happy with what you have got from the beginning.
  • You may want to change the spread, for example, drawing the borders of the beard on your cheeks.
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    Thomas Järvheden

    Thomas Järvheden got more hair through a hair transplantation at New Hair Clinic.

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    It varies from case to case. The easiest thing is if you can take hair from the center of the neck. It depends on whether it is strong enough and can melt into the environment. The second option is to harvest with FUE from the bottom of the chin, below the jaw line. Then you get the right kind of hair, and the reading is hardly visible.

    However, boring beard hair follicles is complicated, I think no other clinic in Scandinavia cares for it. But NHC has a lot of experience, as we are sometimes forced to look for alternative hunting fields in connection with reconstructions. At favorable conditions, we have drilled 700 grafts at the same time, and over 2000 from the same patient. And yet, you've had "enough" with beard to have to shave daily.


    Patrik Isaksson

    Patrik Isaksson got more hair through a hair transplantation at New Hair Clinic.

    Hair follicles generally have a vital side function: they contain "repair kit" for skin. When we injure ourselves where there are a lot of hair follicles, the skin quickly heals. Two days after beard-FUE from the bottom of the chin, the patient usually shaves, and no wounds are seen. But how "easy" (really easy it is never) or complicated FUE momentum is never known in advance, the individual variation is great.

    From the above, it is clear that an in-depth assessment must be done before giving a sign of transplantation in the face area. If you have a completely unrealistic goal, it's good to talk to someone who has experience so that you do not get into an impossible project. A hairless spot in the beard may be part of an alopecia area (stained hair loss), and then it is not obvious that you solve the problem in the long term by planting the stain again. You can always start by sending pictures, and telling you what you want help with, but in most cases you must meet one of our doctors before making a decision.

    Why our clients return to us

    • “I am very happy with my two hair transplants. So happy that I no longer experience hair loss as a problem for me. The density both feels and looks good. Not one, not even the hairdresser, can see that I´ve done something with my hair. It´s the best grade I can give!”
      — Philip, FUE-method
    • “Hi!
      Today, a year ago I was lying on the table.
      Just want to say hi and I want to say that I´m very happy.
      Have it nice! Lovely holiday!”
      — Mattias, FUE-method
    • “I´m incredibly happy and it is growing so fast. I am aware that it takes time, but it is quicker than I imagined. I have recommended your clinic to many friends. Hope you all have a wonderful holiday!”
      — Elias, FUE-method
    • “Really nice received and implementation. The entire staff was professional and pleasant! Now it is just to let the nature do the rest. Would highly recommend New Hair Clinic.”
      — Thomas, FUE-method
    • “Well received. The staff is professional, thorough and wonderful... I felt well treated at the clinic. No I wait excited to see the outcome so in a few months, I see, but already I feel sure this will be great. Again, thank you so much :)”
      — Jimmy, FUE-method
    • “When I exercise constantly and keeps a good physical shape, my hair gives me an entirety that I lacked when I often shaved the head before. New Hair Clinic has certainly made me a more positive father, husband, friend and colleague.”
      — Martin, FUE-method
    • “I must say it was a real success, it became an incredible difference and I am extremely satisfied, I thing every single transplanted hair must have grown for it is both dense and the hairline is nice and natural :).”
      — Johan, FUE-method
    • “Thank you for helping me get my hairline back. I want to thank you for an excellent job. Now I can finally walk past a mirror without wanting to go and hide.”
      — Lasse, FUE-method
    • Big difference already! Thank you, there are many I have showed this for and who will do it at your clinic.”
      — Christopher, FUE-method
    • “It was a really pleasant and positive experience at NHC.”
      — Amir, FUE-method